Jon Goodman

Jon Goodman CK CSCS is a native of Toronto, Canada. After graduating the University of Western Ontario’s Kinesiology program and spending 3 years personal training at Western’s Sports and Recreation facilities he embarked on his career into full-time personal training. He quickly realized the need for nutrition monitoring when training the common personal training client. After some trial and error he devised his own system to successfully monitor his clients’ nutrition that he uses and teaches to the trainers that he advises.

Jon Currently acts as the senior trainer at Body + Soul Fitness in Toronto (, a boutique studio in Toronto specializing in high quality personal training. He is also the creator and Head Coach of the newly formed Personal Trainer Development Center (, a free resource created to help personal trainers transition their jobs into successful careers.

Jon’s first book will be available in September 2011 and will serve as a complete guide to the soft skills and day-to-day tasks a personal trainer needs to be successful. You can get his first 3 e-books for free from

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