Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton, MSc is a highly motivated trainer and coach.  His passion for fitness and nutrition began at an early age when playing competitive volleyball in high school.  Craig dedicates his time to pursuing as much knowledge and experience as possible in the area of fitness and nutrition.  His BSc (Honours Foods and Nutrition) and MSc (Exercise Nutrition and Integrative Physiology) were both earned at Western University.  He is currently in the final stages of completing the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian, specializing in Sports Nutrition.

In addition to training his athletes and clients, he dedicates at least 10 hours per week to his own training and he plays on 3 competitive volleyball teams.  He is proficient in all types of weightlifting (including both Olympic weightlifting and power-lifting).  He eats local, whole food and believes that no matter how busy ones schedule may be, eating a healthy complete diet is essential for one’s wellbeing.

Craig doesn’t believe in quick fixes, especially relative to fad diets or training routines.  Rather he uses proven training and nutritional techniques. He knows that everyone has different needs and individualizes each and every client’s program. In short, he works together with his clients in a joint effort to maximize both their performance and their health.

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